XChanger Companies, Inc.

Commercial Application

The modern era of air conditioning was inaugurated 100 years ago and changed our buildings and society forever. Today, a multi-billion dollar industry exists that affects millions of Americans daily.

One would never have thought that it would take so long to develop a simple solution to the problems of HVAC inefficiencies, uniform personal comfort and the rising costs of energy. Many of these inefficiencies are due to complexity of building design and inflexibility of HVAC systems trying to condition space from static supplies in dynamic environments. XChanger Companies has recognized this problem and solved it, guaranteeing comfort and reducing energy consumption and operating costs.

The XChanger is an airflow device that works with any forced air heating and cooling systems regardless of the source of heat or conditioned forced air . The fuel sources can come from boilers, chillers, furnaces or heat pumps.  The XChanger is custom built and sized to standard equipment and adapts to existing HVAC systems in existing facilities or new design build construction.  An energy audit and review of current operating costs provides the baseline information needed to start the comparison process.  This data is then modeled to demonstrate the savings potential of the XChanger device in each community application. 

Click here to see the facility that the University of Maryland conducted a measurement and verification test to prove the effectiveness of the XChanger Technology. This is a collaboration with the Maryland Energy Association (MEA) and Regional Manufacturing Institute (RMI) to "Green" Maryland! Sign in on the Engineering Block (upper left above the Log-In) to receive the midterm report.