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Where does the XChanger System fit? The Xchanger system is a forced air heating and cooling air manegment system. It can stratify or de-stratify a space depending on season and space usage. Any space includes small residential homes up to one million square feet industrial facilities and above if they use forced air heating and cooling, regardless of the fuel sorces for both.

How much does XChanger cost for a new construction install? The costs vary per application or installation. The cost ranges from $1.00 to $1.50 per square foot depending on application. This doesn’t include rebates, builder discounts, tax credits or power company assistance.
Can Xhanger retrofit my current HVAC system? Most industrial and commercial apllications can be retrofitted cost effectively. In Residential applications, a retrofit will be more expensive when compared to new construction. The additional costs for a retrofit are due to cosmetic recovery to engage the new XChanger system, however, the installation still nets an attractive ROI with excellent cost savings. Installations do vary, so please contact us directly for more cost information.

How big is the system? As you see in the videos, it stacks below RTU's in commercial or industrial spaces or stacks above an AHU in a residential application.
What sizes of AHU or RTU will the XChanger fit? The XChanger boxes are sized utilizing the same industry standards. There is an XChanger for every forced air system, from 1.5 tons systems up to 50 ton single system (or zone).

What is the overall gain to installing XChanger with my HVAC system? There is a direct and obvious gain to the user in comfort, energy bill reduction and overall air quality.

What kind of return on investment can I expect and how long will it take to reach it? The return on investment begins immediately when the system is put into service. The complete ROI varies based on the size of the application and XCo will provide that to the client during the proposal process. In all applications with incentives and rebates, we have forund ROI's to be from two to four years.  Since no application is identical, results do vary.

Can this system work with any HVAC system? Yes, XChanger works with all HVAC systems that use forced air (warm and cold) to condition the space. XChanger benefits all forced air applications.

Is this product  tested? Yes, XChanger developers hired UL to conduct performance testing and evaluation to verify our system‘s capabilities. This information can be provided upon request. The University of Maryland has a M&V test underway as a collaborative effort with MEA and RMI and the midterm report shows incredible savings. The report is available above. Click the Engineering Report button, upper left above Login to review it.

Where can I purchase the XChanger system? Through XChanger Companies, Inc. Simply click the contact button and select more information for details.