XChanger Companies, Inc.


How does XChanger work in an office setting or retail space? Here is an example:

This particular office space consists of 9-12+ foot ceiling buildings, that could be strip retail, restaurant mall or high rise and flex spaces. The XChanger is able to greatly improve on existing systems in this section. When the conditioning vents get further away from the personnel or customers combined with high traffic and large fenestration activity, a conventional system can only produce AC efficiently.

When office/retail space utilizes the XChanger technology, not only do both seasons achieve maximum efficiencies, the comfort for the customers, clients and staff remains at a desirable level at all times.

The ability of the XChanger system to be interchangeable is by consistently removing the undesirable air that breeches into the conditioned environment. The flexibility of the XChanger's delivery methods allows it to aptly improve such varying dynamic environments.