XChanger Companies, Inc.

Residential Application

Residential applications fall into two categories: New Construction and Retrofits. The daily savings will be similar once installed; it is the installation costs that differ.

New Construction has the lowest cost of installation and the quickest return on investment. It can seamlessly be added during the construction process with the least interruption. This type of application potentially has a full ROI in under 24 months (without tax incentives).

Home improvement has an increased cost of installation and a longer ROI, however is just as valuable from an energy perspective. This can widely vary due to the house designs, structure, interior finishes, etc. With experienced contractor input, these factors can be reduced to an acceptable ROI level, while still enjoying all the benefits the XChanger has to offer. In the Home Improvement sector, these higher cost factors can be greatly reduced when owners orchestrating renovations (as well as HVAC upgrades) include the added benefit of XChanger at that time.